Faster printing for both offset and digital press – UV 3D Varnish

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Antel SRL is a private company from Romania, Alba Iulia County and it is the only one in Eastern Europe delivering to its customers from Romania and abroad a new and innovative service, UV 3D Varnish.
Using new generation technology, we provide our customers ultra-precise spot coating – handling digital or offset originals in long or short runs, even varying the thickness of the coating for attractive prints with tangible depth that increases communications impact. The most popular jobs include book covers, a wide range of promotional items and packaging. You can actually feel the difference, because our selective UV varnished prints imitate surfaces such as leather, stone, sand, marble, mosaic etc.

Faster printing for both offset and digital press
With speeds of up to 3,000 20×29 – inch sheets per hour for flat spot UV coating, the JETvarnish 3D is faster, complementing both offset and digital presses and allowing commercial printers to increase their productivity while boosting their margins and differentiating themselves from their peers.

Live a creative life!
In 3D mode, the JETvarnish 3D can apply digital effects up to 400 microns in thickness, producing visually stunning, tactile effects. Coat directly onto digital prints (dry or liquid toner) with no lamination required and MGI’s ARC camera system ensures precise registration to printed sheets. The JETvarnish 3D’s variable data feature allows for full personalization capabilities resulting in maximum marketing impact.

Antel SRL offers you access to the Digital Revolution in Inkjet Spot UV Coating:
– top quality printing products;
– economy, due to reduced curing times, high production speeds, shorter production lines and low energy costs;
– production of scratch resistant coatings with good mechanical and chemical properties. Cured surfaces and solvent resistant;
– a wide range of printing options, even on sealed surface materials with special effects which are not possible through oil-based conventional printing.

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