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CFCristian FAUR

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. After four years of preparations and waiting, the print Olympics are here. We are talking about the Mecca of print, the one and only drupa. And we are there to tell you all about it. Who qualified, who made it there, who stood out and, of course, who won. We won’t forget to check out how our fellow countrymen will have presented themselves at this prestigious event and to see if they rise to the level they claim to have.
We have only one thing to tell to the world: the Romanians are here. Like we said in another editorial, they are fresh, they are talented, educated and not afraid to fight for their share in the international markets. The vast majority of Romanian printers have invested countless hundreds of millions of Euros since the last edition of drupa. Most of that money went in two directions: technological upgrades and training. They have a lot to offer, they are aware that the production is moving east and they are prepared. They acquired the talent pool and the technological means to deal with this challenge and they are ready. More than that, aside from printers, the local industry is beginning to build printing machines not only for their own use, but also for export.
The thing we have to tell Romanian printers, providers and machine builders is this: the world is here. No matter if you are in Dusseldorf or in Bucharest, we truly live today in a global village and the things you offer can be heard all over the world in one second and can get anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. Don’t be afraid to compete, you do as good a job as the highest standard organizations do. We know how much effort you have invested in this, now it is time for the whole world to know. Be out there, let the world know who you are and what you do. But don’t forget that advertising is the soul of commerce.
As for us, Print Magazin, we remain the way you all knew us until now: an information hub and a reference point between those who need print, those who make print and those who supply the first two categories with the know-how, the technology and the consumables they require. We are aware of the fact that many beneficiaries of our efforts to promote what this industry has to offer choose in the end to promote themselves on other channels. We have seen the results of their efforts and we have seen that not all of them are content with the end results. It is fine with us, everybody is free to promote his or her business the way they want and to use the communication channel the way they think it suites their needs. But we have another thing to say: printers should not forget about print. We definitely won’t.

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