Marius Buiculescu Invites Prospects to Do Business with European Manufacturers in Romania

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I have been an entrepreneur for 23 years and I know the Romanian business environmentwell. I currently provide lobbying and communications consultancy for the signage and printing industries and I would like to send a message to the businessmen visiting Drupa. You may have heard of Romania as a travel destination. Many perceive it as a beautiful, hospitable country, with gorgeous girls and permanent political and social turmoil. But what do you know about private companies, about their business style and ambitions? In this article I will lobby for the Romanian companies hoping that Drupa visitors will learn useful things about us as prospective business partners.
The last 25 years have profoundly changed the configuration of the Romanian economy and formed a generation of private companies with special experience. While politicians’ battles are never-ending, entrepreneurs have been moving forward. They have developed their manufacturing capabilities under struggles for power. The political leaders have never harmonized their agendas with the interests of honest private companies. Only some politicians were able to help us when they left us alone. Otherwise, they do not know what it means to set an end goal in itself from obtaining economic advantages for all Romanian private companies. Under these circumstances, entrepreneurs have grown even stronger, as it happens during critical periods. By everyone’s contribution to the economic growth of the country, we have managed, after 26 years of capitalism, to get the economy functioning even during the process of change and instability of the political class that manages the country’s macroeconomics.
In Romania, one can see two worlds, one that is permanently negative and pessimistic, maintained as such by all media channels, and a silent and timid one that is working, developing and growing. In this article I will present to you the second category and I will make a detailed description of the Romanian businessman. The purpose of this article is to enable potential foreign business partners to understand our profile. The development of the printing industry in recent years has been possible primarily due to very good technical human resources. Romanians are good technicians because we have a prestigious tradition of technical school. Most successful entrepreneurs are graduates of valuable polytechnics institutes. The operators and the technical staff of printing houses continue a family professional tradition and have extraordinary abilities to adapt. I know many Romanians who are capable to learn immediately how to use any equipment. We are able to do whatever we are asked to. Perhaps this is our highest quality. We are trained to work in unfriendly conditions, we are not scared of any technical requirement and we learn quickly.
Entrepreneurs have given up old technologies. People make fun of us because, for any investment, Romanians choose the latest equipment provided with full options, as for their personal car. The reason why is simple. Since we are used to expecting anything and refusing nothing, we invest in advance even in accessories that we do not need. We are certainly very good and generous buyers when investing. Romanian businessmen behave well with foreigners. We pay twice more attention to a business relationship with a foreigner. We are not racist, we don’t have ethnic or religious problems and we do not work in clans or cartels. In Romania there are no jokes on religious subjects. It is a well-known fact that we are hospitable. Therefore, we treat foreign business partners as if they were family. This is why, for example, the French like it so much here that they do not want to leave anymore.
Let us summarize the reasons why it is worth working with Romanian companies. They are very well equipped technologically, they have overqualified technical staff who are not afraid of anything, we are willing to not sleep at night when we have to meet a deadline for export and we do not aim for high profit from all orders. We are flexible, tolerant and friendly. Our biggest fault is timidity. We are not aware of our value yet and we don’t know howto promote ourselves. An example is the fact that, at Drupa, one single Romanian company exhibits. We do not really get out there to open doors for us on the foreign markets. We prefer that others knock on our door and then we treat the prospects as our most important guests. Maybe that comes from our history and education, having a national pacifist profile with no expansionist ambitions.
The growth potential of the Romanian market has attracted many international courier and shipping companies. In Bucharest, the Romanian capital, all the big names with tradition and stable logistics systems are present. Anything can easily reach from anywhere in the world and towards any destination. Major suppliers of paper, cardboard and consumables are present in Romania. Any material, paper or cardboard can be obtained within 24 hours. That means we can be very fast in production and delivery, especially to European destinations. Of course we are not the cheapest in Europe. We do not make this our objective. You cannot be the cheapest when working with the latest equipment and raw materials thatare more expensive than in other countries. However, we are cheaper than West European countries. In addition, we can be very fast, flexible and creative. We accept any order, even small ones. We are open to negotiation, without being stubborn and aggressive. We treat any foreign partner with a lot of respect.
When asked “What is worth more, to make an investment in Romania by opening a printing house or to work with a stable Romanian company?”, I recommend the second option. It is cheaper and safer. Many Romanians speak English and French from school. Thus, logistical and technical communication can be pleasant. Business people travel a lot, communicate easily and quickly understand requirements. We are open minded to any new and courageous proposal regarding professional challenges. Some accuse us of not being stable and consistent. Maybe they’re right, but only in our internal world. I assure you that in external relations we become very serious and reliable. I invite business people from anywhere in the world to try the human and professional quality of Romanian private companies fromthe printing and signagemarkets. You will have a pleasant surprise.
I invite foreign business people to visit our companies and see our equipment and working style. We do not guarantee perfection, but the ability to solve any technical requirement. In addition, Romanian entrepreneurs are cheerful, have a general education, are sociable, can easily adapt and learn quickly. The Romanian technical human resource is of great value and this explains the success of our industry in recent years. Romanians are good industrialists. Maybe that explains why, only 100 years ago, the Romanian Leu was equivalent to the French Franc and the Swiss Franc… Contact the professional associations APIIP, ATT or APRA to find more easily the most suitable business partner and test us! Come to Romania and see for yourself! I am looking forward to receiving your questions and suggestions by e-mail

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