A paradox with potential

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Hello, everyone! Since this issue of Print Magazin will be present at this year’s edition of FESPA Digital, so it is aimed at a broader, international audience, our team has decided to deliver to you this editorial in English. This, despite the fact that we will be talking about the complicated Romanian print market. And you can trust us when we say this is truly a complicated topic. If someone were to find the right word to describe the local graphic arts market, probably the word paradox would be the closest to reality.
It is a market that has been growing steadily in the last years, yet everybody in the market is complaining about money. It is a market with talented professionals and new machines, yet the country itself hampers the efforts of the industry to deliver the goods they produce in a timely manner by failing to modernize the transport infrastructure. It is a market that can benefit a lot from European funds, yet bureaucracy and lack of experience in some cases make those funds look like distant dreams to many. It is a market in which even those who do access those funds are sometimes accused by the others that with their new machines, which they got almost for free, can now afford to start a price war. And we haven’t yet talked about challenges that printers from any country face these days.
So, most like everywhere, everything has to have a down side somehow in Romania. But there are good things, too. Things that until now, at least, have shown no bad sides. The constant growth in the last years takes the Romanian print industry slowly, but steadily, towards the 1 billion Euro per year mark. And that still is below the real potential of this market. Print education for the technicians and managers in this field has become a priority both for the print associations and the technical universities, and that will bring more quality for the products printers offer and more good practices in the companies.
Combine those good things with the infusion of modern machines (expecially digital)and you get to a word that any printer would like to hear people say that he has: competitiveness. Today, Romanian printers can compete with any other from any country. They have the talent, the education, the Western technology and the Eastern prices. So our bet is that people everywhere will be hearing more about these guys in the future, despite the challenges the present times throw at them. But (of course there is a but) almost none of the good things we mentioned above would have been possible without Romania joining the European Union. That changed everything for this country and triggered a series of changes that made it possible for Romanian printers to show the world what they can do and for a people to take their country from the third world where it was towards the civilized world where it belongs. So, for the sake of our printers, at least, let’s hope that nothing bad happens any time soon to the EU.

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