Angels Distributions, the Romanian trusted partner in packaging

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With nearly eight years of service in the delivery of packages, especially customized paper bags, Angels Distributions is one of the known companies on this segment in Romania. In the past five years the company has become a trusted partner to clients in many European countries and beyond (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland and the UAE). This fact says good things about the quality of products made by Angels Distributions and their seriousness.
Established in 2008, the main activity of the company is the production of paper bags. “Our work involves both the use of specific equipment, paper and manual processing, and other services at a high quality level”, says Camelia Mureșan CEO Angels Distributions.The company has a department of creative and prepress (DTP) and one of production, comprising 38 employees specializing in binding and the manufacture of paper bags by handling various finishing machines (plastic injection machines, guillotine, punching equipment, soldering machines, folding and drills machines).
All this provides the guarantee of good quality products and an accurate assessment of prices. Raw materials are of the highest quality, says Camelia Mureșan, so that the products can meet any customer requirement. In about eight years of activity, the company has developed three brands: ColorUp – carrier paper bags, Sistelse – personalized paper bags and LightBag – decorative candle bags. “The Engine” that supports the company’s work is passion for good quality packaging. “We have grown year after year and we have developed steadily, offering solutions for every client needs. We achieved this by letting us be driven by the passion for quality. We are passionate about what we do, offering the highest quality products for almost eight years”, completed Camelia Mureșan.
Experience and innovation are the key factors for performance, the rest is just reliability, and Angels Distributions does not lack this, owning three brands registered and internationally recognized. Mureșan said that “to be successful in a market where competition is becoming tougher, it is necessary to raise performance in terms of quality products and services”. Also, the customer-oriented attitude is very important: “Our whole business is unfolding around customer satisfaction. We approach a clear vision of the relationship we have with our customers, because we want to be trusted partners and provide the best solutions for each of them. For that, everything we do begins with understanding customer needs, being aware that our success begins with their success”, said Mureșan.
Finally, all of this will be found in products and services in market and no detail should be overlooked. “We believe that our products are a statement of quality to our customers. Competitiveness, innovation and flexibility are factors without you cannot keep up in a market in constant motion. We invest constantly in technology and the production of packaging products, to provide the highest standards of quality”, said Camelia Mureșan.

Angels Distributions in numbers:
– 800.000 euros turnover in 2015;
– 38 employees;
– about 180 customers in Romania and EU;
– 3 own brands (ColorUp, Sistelse and LightBag);
– nearly 1,000 sqm of production;
– attending 9 international fairs (Paperworld and Ambiente, Frankfurt).

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