Livco Design invests in high performance technology, but also in people

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A company that started from the bottom and last year celebrated ten years of activity,it reached a total investment of nearly one million Euro. But if you want to grow up healthy and sustainable, technology is not everything. It also matters the specialists who operate it and the correct way to treat your customers. This way, Livco Design reached so quickly today’s level and they are continuously developing. Cosmin Bocianu, CEO Livco Design, gave us more details.


“It all started during college, when I founded the company, in 2005,” says the manager of Livco Design. “As any student, I was creative and I was really good at web design. So I decided that my activity field should be graphics and DTP. Many customers for which we did graphics, asked us for the finished product. To achieve a good printing work, we tried to be partners with many reputable printing companies from the market. But, because we had a fairly large turnover, we decided that is time to produce some materials internally. We started with a Xerox equipment and in 2009 we acquired an office printer from Konica Minolta, with which we printed flyers, business cards and other small works. Things went better than we expected, so in 2010 we invested in an offset dry printing machine.The work has increased so much that Konica Minolta printer that we used has not coped. This is why in 2012, we purchased a production printer from the same company. With it we came to the 120,000 color A4 sheets per month. Currently, we have three color digital production equipment from Konica Minolta (C7000, C1085, C1100) which print 8-900,000 clicks per month and two black digital printing (951, 1052) which produce over 250,000 clicks per month”, said Cosmin Bocianu.
Investments in technology were constant over time, the main reason being the need to obtain a production time as short as possible, especially since it increased the number of orders and deadlines have been shortened. Although, offset printing works are quite many (the proportion reaching nearly 50-50% with digital printing), the company’s digitization campaign will continue, with another machine more efficient and suitable to the customer’s profile, but not this year.” I have recently went to see some equipment that is very well adapted to the demand which we have and what we want to develop further: seven colors, lacquer, silver and gold. This is a market with great potential. Probably it will be our next acquisition, but next year, because in 2016 we want to build our new hall. We have a big problem with the space, so all Livco budget for this year will lead to this building”.
For this year and the next one, the main investment of the company is building this new hall, said Cosmin Bocianu: “We will move into a new hall, which will be built on a plot of 2,500 sqm. The hall will have a footprint of about 1,000 square meters and will be used for production. The space for offices will be on the first floor. The project will be achieved using European funds, with a total value of almost two million Euro, of which 700,000 Euro will be used for warehouse equipment, offset printing, stamping, seaming and plasticizing”.
The company has its market strengths, having a balanced economic policy since the beginning, said our interlocutor, who continued saying that: “In digital printing our advantages are a very short production time and the fact that we can achieve all the necessary finishes, including binding. Another plus for us is the paper stocks that we have, which gives us the power to be able to make orders in the shortest time. Throughout company’s development we tried to have a friendly relationship with customers, not just strictly business, a fact that I consider an advantage. We are trying to diversify our offer and we went in the direction of digital printing with variable data, using two devices from Konica Minolta that can print 10,000 sheets per hour. Also, we can make envelope insertion and delivery.We can do all types of works and we can take any project. We have made calendars, diaries, notebooks, brochures, flyers, letterheads, variable data printing, etc.We are a printing company who continues to expand and who chooses to make progress constantly. In a fairly short time, we managed to achieve the transition from a simple digital printer, to a professional equipment, necessary in a modern printing office. We are investing in equipment, as in people and strong partnerships, because this is the way where success is guaranteed. We can make whatever a big printing office can make, even exports, though we are a medium-sized company, with 23 employees and a turnover of about 620,000 Euro reported last year”.
In production processes, Livco Design uses good quality materials and equipment. “Our company capitalizes competent human resources and has only professional teams who can provide anytime consulting and support. We know how important communication is and for a better understanding of requirements from our partners, we are providing a customer-service department. Although we became a major printing company, we have not forsaken small works, and our target is to constantly develop ourselves”, said Cosmin Bocianu.

Livco Design in numbers:
The statistical figures Livco Design work is reflecting through the portfolio of clients and tons of paper processed weekly:
– more than 25 orders are daily processed;
– 8 tons of paper are printed offset in a week;
– thetotal portfolio of companysums over 160 customers;
– 85 different customers are launching ordersmonthly;
– 2 tons of paper are printed on digitalweekly.

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