JJ Displays, the Romanian displays manufacturer, seeks European partners

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With 14 years of experience in the production of displays on demand, the owner of JJ Displays, Zsolt Rudnyanszky, said that he is ready to conquer foreign markets. His strategy is based on a simple principle: dealing with customers must be fast and easy. He believes that the advertising industry recorded high dynamics, affecting mass production. JJ Displays has some strengths, being a small and flexible company, with a rapid reaction capacity. Depending on the amount, they can deliver in seven working days. It seems that, small fish can swim faster…
“We have our own building in Bucharest with necessary equipment for production of click frames, info boards and various displays. Our team has 20 hardworking and devoted employees and our values are seriousness and safety. The daily capacity production is 100 click frames or 50 people stoppers and 300 acrylic holders. Some of these products are more standardized, but we like to work with custom design orders.
We pay special attention tot finishing and execution details on the entire production line, Romania being already a demanding market with sophisticated and exigent customers. In this context, over 800 clients annually enjoy JJ Display services and prefer to choose something made in Romania. We are working in B2B mode and over 80% of orders are carried by distributors. We are seeking distributors in Europe to push the limits of our creativity and to challenge us. In Bucharest, we know all the options we have to ensure a rapid transport anywhere in Europe or in the world. Also, we can take any work, small or large, simple or complex”, said Zsolt Rudnyanszky.
The story of the company started from the passion of his leader to work with powerful customers who want to be noticed. “Classic or digital visual communication is used to make an effective message and also, to make a product or brand to be noticed. This is why, our motto is”Be Remarkable!‟. We like to make our customers to be noticed and we advise any company to highlight everything they have better and different. “Remarkability” is not just a condition or a tool for marketers, but also an existential skill. Nothing deserves to be communicated if it is ordinary. All that is new and different must be communicated by all means and deserve to be noted and stored. Be remarkable!”, said the ownerof JJ Displays.
Mr. Rudnyanszky is a family guy and father of three children, so with every commercial order for his company, he makes a donation to an organization who wants to build a hospital for children. He said: “it is a campaign which we will support and promote, until the project will be done”. The good image that Mr. Zsolt Rudnyanszky has on the market, made him the President of ‘Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Advertising’ (AMIA), who has as members most of the advertising production companies from Romania. The Association is carrying out several programs and actions that promote Romanian opportunities as market or potential suppliers.

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